Eby Farm Homestead

Barn Fire Gallery

On October 17, 2005 our 1760 double decker stone gable-end barn built by Scottish-Irish immigrants was burned at the hands of an arsonist. We were home, in bed, at the time and awoke to fire sirens and fire truck flashing lights at about midnight. The barn was full of our recent harvest of straw and hay, farm equipment and about 25 head of our young cattle. It burned ferociously in the very windy cold night for over 9 hours. The arsonist was never caught. We lost our equipment, our harvest of straw and hay and many family treasures. Our young cattle were saved and thankfully only suffered minor burns and mild pneumonia. Our dairy barn and milking cows were saved by the bravery of the firefighters and the grace of God. We began the rebuilding process right away. We hired two Amish contractors to rebuild who specialized in post and beam barns. The Amish contractors and crew were also there to help direct the 100s of Amish volunteers as well as our family and friends. We had a true Amish barn raising and our barn was under roof two weeks after it burned. We felt the effects of the devastation for years to come but we continued to reflect on the incredible testimony of what it truly means to be a neighbor and a friend.

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